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About Mending Our Youth

L. Banks and Associates, LLC launched Mending Our Youth (MOY) in 2016.  MOY was created to provide community resources and addiction education to parents and youths through training, summits, and consulting services.  Our mission is to advocate, educate, encourage, and enrich the lives of the youth living in our community. We offer group and individual consultation.


MOY hosts quarterly youth summits to provide a safe environment where young people can discuss topics such as; decision making skills, conflict resolution, creating healthy boundaries, self-care, social media, and media influence.   The summits offer various tools of engagement, such as art, aroma therapy, physical fitness, dance, and music to encourage our youth to be mentally and physically healthy. Our goal is to teach our youth to love and honor themselves. The summits are for youth ages 9-16.

MOY also host an annual vision board event for all ages. Adults and youth are welcome to attend.  This event focuses on creating vision boards, transforming dreams into reality, and setting yearly goals in order to unlock your vision and potential.  Featured guest speakers discuss topics such as transforming finances, health, goal setting, and developing the road map to identifying and achieving your goals.

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